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Make an impact with employer branding! March 22 2019


The concept of employer Branding and the fact that it is extremely important for HR Stakeholders is a well known fact. Google is ranked no. 1 as the best employer brand in the world. You must be thinking- “I am not Google, so how is my organization going to build a good and strong employer brand". To build a good employer brand is not a tough task. Firms invest a lot to build strong employer branding. There are various ways to go about it, but it is necessary to analyze which path would lead to goal attainment of building an employer brand where the best-in-class talent wants to work at your organization. Whether it’s a multinational company or any other organization, it’s very doable easy to build an employer brand.

Building a strong only depends on the path the recruiter and the employers of the organization follow. Typically, there are few practices which if followed by any organization, could easily help their cause to build a strong attraction for prospective hires. Google is the best example of Employer branding as they are known to provide a fun, challenging and engaging work environment.


The points described below have the power to improve the employer branding for any organization as it is necessary to strategize to create an effective employer brand. Practicing these will enable you to create a strong impression on anyone who is looking to join. Always remember that the best talent is not hired, it is attracted.

  1. Employer Branding by Building a connection
    • Make a connection between the corporate culture and the branding of the organization. Make your new hires understand the culture of your organization through the path of employer branding. When you engage your new hires by explaining them about the culture of your organization while engaging them in various tasks, then it creates an impact on the employer brand of the company. It makes the new hires feel that they know more about the organization, hence allowing them to be more productive when they join. Happier new hires goes a long way in creating a strong employer brand.
  2. Employer Branding by performing a vision match
    • Showcase the vision, mission and values of the company. It helps the new hires to understand main objective and goal of the organization. It increases the work productivity of the new hires and even impacts the employer branding of the organization. Having a strong vision and aligning goals with the employers or prospective employers makes them want to join an organization.
  3. Employer Branding with Social Media and Job Portals
    • The researches have proved that new hires search about the company reviews before joining any organization. When making a decision on whether to apply for a job or not, 84% of job seekers say reputation of a company as an employer is important. This is one of the most pivotal aspects of employer branding. Having an interactive ‘career’ and ‘about us’ page is your gateway to building a great employer brand. This factor, along with the role, play an even greater part in job seeker’s decision than the actual pay package. Organizations need to focus on this part if they want to create an employer brand that will attract the best-in-class talent.
  4. Employer Branding with Engaging Content
    • Any good story is about the protagonist, and when publishing content for prospective candidates regarding hiring, it is crucial to make the story about them. Organizations often make the mistake of publishing repetitive content that is centered around them and not the hires. The organizations deploying the success stories of their employees in form of videos to their new hires as videos are measured as major effective source impacting the employer branding.
  5. Employer Branding through employee experience
    • Employer branding is huge for your organization, but the results are not always immediately on display. It takes time!
    • However, one of the fastest ways of doing so is creating a unique experience for them through their onboarding and putting this out! The release of such content should not come across as a marketing gimmick, but rather a story that is being told. If an employee is happy with how they have been integrated into the organization, they are going to speak well about it. Word of mouth travels fast when it comes to employer branding.
    • Try to create a great experience through onboarding the new hires even impacts the employer brand of the organization.