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Why even Google should invest in Employer Branding

Why even Google should invest in Employer Branding

Google is ranked no. 1 as the best employer brand in the world. You must be thinking- “I am not Google, so how is my organization going to build a good and strong employer brand". To build a good employer brand is not a tough task. Firms invest a lot to build strong employer branding. There are various ways to go about it, but it is necessary to analyze which path would lead to goal attainment of building an employer brand where the best-in-class talent wants to work at your organization. Whether it’s a multinational company or any other organization, it’s still very easy to build an employer brand.

Building a strong employer brand only depends on the path the recruiter and the employers of the organization follow. Typically, there are a few practices which if followed by any organization, could easily help their cause to build a strong attraction for prospective hires. Google is the best example of Employer branding as they are known to provide a fun, challenging and engaging work environment.

This paper outlines how why organizations, irrespective of size, should invest in employer branding.

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