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How to Assess the Maturity and calculate the ROI of your Onboarding Programs?

In this webinar Mr. Nitin Gera, Chief Technology Officer, Orane Consulting has shared insights into the components of ROI impacted by Onboarding or absence of it and how HR leaders can prepare a ROI driven cost benefit analysis.

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60 things to guarantee onboarding success

In this webinar, our Onboarding experts take you through a structured process that contains 60+ things to guarantee Onboarding Success. Get the step wise guide to make every new hire successful.

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Improve New Hire Productivity with 100-Day Onboarding Plan

In this webinar Shaily Negi, Business Consultant and HR Specialist, Orane Consulting, will share insights into how structuring an onboarding program can help organizations hit performance milestones faster.

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Onboarding Trends For 2019 & Beyond

In this webinar Mr. Manuj Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, Orane Consulting, will share insights into the direction of Onboarding and how advancements in technology are impacting how we engage and onboard the new hires. He would also help you prioritize your technology investments for Onboarding in 2019.

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