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We create a WOW Pre-Onboarding & Onboarding experience to turn new hires into long-lasting, engaged and productive employees.

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Create an impressive candidate experience & make your organization stand apart

Onboarding in 2020 is not just about getting necessary documents in order and making them familiar with company policies and rules. Acclimatize new hires with the organization, assimilate them culturally into the organization and leverage latest employee engagement models to create a first impression that lasts!

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Digitalized Onboarding

Almost 71% of all tasks in Onboarding are administrative in nature. Automate and Digitalize manual and repetitive tasks and free up HR Bandwidth for the People aspect of Onboarding. Help bring down the Total Cost of Ownership for your Onboarding.

Revolutionary Employee Engagement

Companies with highly engaged employees experience 17% higher productivity, 20% higher sales, and 21% higher profitability, among many other positive metrics. Engage your new hires with best practices.

Onboarding Consulting

As a Consulting firm with relevant experience across multiple geographies and industry verticals, leverage our consulting practice to identify gaps in your Onboarding and seek our expertise to do a diagnostic analysis on no-show, early attrition, large time-to-productivity and much more.

People Analytics

End-to-end analytics capabilities for the entire employee lifecycle from talent acquisition to exit, to enable improvised decision making in terms of understanding workforce performance and productivity, delivering talent management strategy, understanding workforce culture and behaviours and much more.

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IGT Solutions
TVS Motors
Hitachi Microsystems
TAJ Hotels
Lear Corporation

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IGT Solutions

We at Hitachi have been using MyJoining for 2 years now. It has been a great experience as it allows to establish a connect with the candidate even before they are officially part of you and share key company information which will keep them engaged.

Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic Head (HR)

There were savings achieved to the tune of 50% in terms of the manpower required to complete the onboarding process and also the time taken was reduced from a couple of hours to less than an hour.

IGT Solutions Head (HR)

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22% of all enterprises don’t have a structured Onboarding program in place and more than 50% are not satisfied with its implementation and results. Business is moving forward with the Digital Transformation trend and Human Resource isn’t any different!

Choose our Onboarding to learn how we leverage our expertise in the industry and leverage latest technological trends such as analytics to create a wholesome Onboarding experience and deliver measurable results!

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