Why Onboarding

People are the lifeline of any business. Great businesses understand and nurture this lifeline. If people are excited, motivated and connected with the values and culture of the organization, they go an extra mile to make the organization successful.

First few weeks are most important for a new hire in forming an impresssion about the organization. The new hires who have been through a structured onboarding process have a longer tenure and a faster path to productivity. How your organization handles this duration can make all the difference between a failure or a successful new hire.

20% of the employee turnover happens in first 45 days.
54% improvement in new hire productivity for organizations with standard onboarding processes.
69% of employees are more likely to stay with the company for 3 years if they experience great onboarding.
Turnover costs are estimated to be 100% - 300% of the base salary of exiting employee.

Our Product

MyJoining is a cloud-based solution for digitizing the Pre-onboarding and Onboarding processes of your organization. It covers the complete life-cycle from the offer generation to complete assimilation of the candidate into the organization. This helps the candidate become productive quickly and gives them a great sense of belongingness in the organization.

Product Video

Learn about how MyJoining streamlines the journey of a new hire; from Offer Generation to the completion of the Onboarding Process.

Why Myjoining

Employer Branding Showcased

An onboarding portal is a platform to build Employer Branding. By engaging the new hire, you can improve transition engagement.

Great Automation Abilities

A perfect fit for your requirement and integration with your existing tool. The possibilities to our tool have no bounds.

Anytime-Anywhere Access

MyJoining can be accessed from anywhere at any point in time. It helps the new hire to navigate through the tool seamlessly.

Great Support System to Ensure Success

Our support system will help in solving the user's problems in no time. Our FAQs ensure that the tool is being utilized optimally.

OUR Accomplishments







Our Enterprise Features

  • 12*6 Support
  • Secure Cloud Hosting
  • Online self learning module
  • Easy Data Extraction (CSV, XML, Web Service, JSON Formats)
  • Integration with 1 data source
  • E-mail Notifications
  • Customizable Forms and Reports
  • Onsite Training
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Our Clients

Some of our esteemed clients who have undergone their Onboarding Journey with MyJoining:


We continuously stay in touch with the latest innovations in the space of digital onboarding by conducting in-depth market research and drill-downs into the biggest pain points that an organization faces when it comes to daily processes.

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