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HR Guide: To Modern Onboarding Software

HR Guide: To Modern Onboarding Software

The role of HR has almost completely reinvented itself over the past decade. The collision of low employment rates, an increasing skill gap and ever rising expectations from candidates has transformed the HR discipline from a business focused process-driven operation to a people focused data driven science that has focused businesses to focus on employee experience. But often underestimated is the impact of onboarding on employee experience and other key business metrics such as productivity, retention and even profitability.

Experience driven onboarding is not a magic wand. Instead it’s a powerful combination of people, process and technology, and when deployed intelligently, will outperform everything like employee experience, early attrition and even productivity.

In this white paper you will learn:

  1. Common problems in onboarding
  2. The unspoken issue in today’s onboarding
  3. The issue with HR tech today
  4. Why Onboarding matters

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