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Make every New Hire Successful

Make every New Hire Successful

Hiring decisions are equally important for the organization as well as the new hire taking up the job. If the new hire is successful it bodes well for him as well as the organization. Beyond the products, markets and individual capabilities, what makes new hires successful is how well they are assimilated in the organization. Their success depends on how they feel in the initial few months of starting their journey. Organizations who are consistent in making their new hires taste success follow a structured onboarding process.Onboarding is the process of inducting, assimilating and absorbing new hires into the cultural, social and performance fabric of an organization.

In this white paper you will come across –

  1. 4E’s of Onboarding
  2. What happens during Onboarding and how it makes new hires successful?
  3. Ingredients of a successful Onboarding program

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