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Digital Onboarding: Why Employees Dont Show up on Day 1

Digital Onboarding: Why Employees Dont Show up on Day 1

One of the most common misconception in Human Resource is that ‘A candidate will join the company if they have accepted the offer letter’. This is not true: 15% of total employees who accepted the offer letter said they turned it down due to problems in pre-boarding and onboarding. There are various problems associated with no-shows in an organization. This affects both productivity and delays in operations. Huge losses are also incurred due to cost of administrative tasks, cost of re-hire and opportunity cost for candidates who don’t join. Here are some statistics

  1. Organizations are spending millions to screen the right employees and to conduct consequent round of interviews.
  2. 90% Organizations admit to engaging the candidates who have accepted the offer letter only through email and an offer letter.
  3. Cost to re-hire a candidate ranges from up to $3000-$18000 after a drop out.

This paper outlines everything you need to know about how to leverage digital onboarding to minimize no-show in your organization.

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