• Pre-onboarding

    Optimally utilize the phase between offer acceptance and Day 1 to positively affect your new hire.

What is Pre-Onboarding

Pre-Onboarding is the stage between a new hires acceptance of offer letter and their joining date. There is a strong uncertainty in this phase and a strong pre-onboarding process engages them effectively. It also reduces operational overhead by automating administrative and logistical tasks. Most importantly, it provides opportunities for the new hire to feel welcomed and valued, and to begin ramping up for Day 1.

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What Pre-Onboarding will do for you

Eliminates first day

MyJoining buddies lets new hires connect with the employees in an organization and acquaints them with organization policy and norms.

Higher Employee

A standard pre-onboarding process affects the employee’s sense-making phase and increases their chance of staying in an organization greatly.

Improved New Hire

MyJoining enables new hires to be productive by integrating them into the organization before Day 1. They already know about the organization.

Reduce The Administrative
Cost Of Onboarding

Form filling, verification and reconciliation are taken care of. The entire process is digitized and data is stored in secure cloud.

Our 4Cs

There are four fundamental needs of the organization and the new hires in the onboarding journey.


Compliance is the most elementary needs of any organization.

Organizations for their internal records, payroll, and benefits administration as well as statutory deductions and filings need new hires to fill up multiple forms.


Clarification is making sure that the new hires understand the roles and responsibilities and the expectations from them.


Culture is an understanding of an organizations values, belief's, history, mission and vision they stand for.

It takes some time before a new hire can become part of the culture and start living it.


Connection refers to corporate, interpersonal relationships and social networks that new hires should try and create in their early days.

Pre-Onboarding Journey Map

When a new hire accepts an offer letter, he is ready to make the change and often times exploring multiple options. Often a lot of new hires take counter offers after accepting the offer letters. Pre-Onboarding journey allows organizations to map their steps taken by new hire from offer acceptance to joining and engages the new hires at different interaction points during the journey to retain them.


Forms and Administration

MyJoining eliminates the need for paperwork by digitizing the entire form filling and reconciliation process.


Continuous checks on policy compliance and a brief about the candidate’s roles and responsibilities.


My Joining supports both inbound and outbound integrations. Depending on your technical architecture, we support data integration through API's, XML and JSON.

Background Verification

Verify the claims made by recruit using our background verification tool which automates the process on the click of a button.

Enhanced Productivity

Create a plan for their success. Enable new hires to be more productive from Day 1.


Enables corporate, interpersonal relationships that new hires can form in their early days. Increase the new hire’s belongingness and they are likely to stay

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HI! I'm Rahul and here is a view into my pre-onboarding journey