• Onboarding

    Co-curate an induction plan to make a long-lasting impression on your new hire with MyJoining

What is onboarding?

Onboarding is the process of assimilating a new hire in the business. Even though it is a long process often extending to 6-12 months, there could be two logical phases in this journey.

Induction: Welcoming new hire to the company is induction. It is a well-planned program to socialize the new hire with the peers and the workplace. It is a process of introducing an employee that takes place on the day when he joins the organization and provided with basic information needed to adjust as soon as possible in the new organization to gain maximum efficiency in the minimum time.

Onboarding: Onboarding is a longer-term process that focuses on helping new employees become a part of the organization, building crucial relationships, understanding their role and learning how they add value to the organization.

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What onboarding will do for you?

Enhanced Skill Set

MyJoining integrates Learning & Development modules to enable the new hire to be more efficient at work.

Build trust & Alignment

MyJoining educates and informs new hires about organizational policies and practices. It helps align them to corporate goals.

Employee engagement

Engage your employee from Day 1 through a 30-60-90 plan and by acquainting them to the organization’s policies.

Two Way Communication

MyJoining works both ways to enable new hires to succeed at every step and measures their performance against a plan.

4 Es on Onboarding

There are four fundamental needs of the organization and the new hires in the onboarding journey.


Keep the new hires engaged during their early days to make sure that they feel connected with the enterprise culture and goals. The engagement helps build a feeling of trust with the organization and gets new hires perspective.


Very few new hires are productive out of their orientation. They must unlearn a lot of old ways and learn the current ways of the organization. This process of learning is easy if the plan is documented and measured frequently.


Evaluate the new hire performance and provide regular coaching and feedback to accelerate performance. Skill assessment is needed during the first few days by the team to determine what is needed to get them ready to work at their full abilities. The employee should then be assigned a coach to help him/her develop their skills and meet their performance goals.


Enable the new hires to reach new heights faster. The first few days are very crucial in making a new hire successful. Organizations should enable them to focus on learning and acquiring skills for the job rather than spending their time filling lengthy forms or waiting for that elusive desk or computer. Provisioning of assets enables them to focus on their tasks.

Onboarding Journey Map

The job is only half done when you recruit the 'right person'. It is crucial to mentor them in the right way to optimize their current skill set and further enhance it. A good onboarding plan takes all the key metrics into account and engages the hire hire from Day 1, to positively affect their sense-making phase and enhance productivity.


Learning and Development

Set of Training videos specific to skill and interest along with metric analysis to determine the effectivity of various training programs.

Dashboarding and Analytics

Strong Dashboarding Capabilities to provide 360 Reporting and Analytics for engagement, L&D, program effectivity and overall contentedness.

Functionalities for Higher Employee Engagement

Lay down a career roadmap for your new hire and gamify tasks and reward mechanism to create a unique and captivating onboarding experience.

30-60-90 Day Plans

MyJoining helps you create an effective plan for your new hire that helps them understand the organization, develop goals and resolve work related queries.

Social Media Integration and Blogs

Blog Uploads from Super admin will display on all social networking sections & LinkedIn Integration to candidate’s basic details from their LinkedIn profile.

Strong Support Ecosystem

FAQs and an 8/5 Helpdesk to positively affect the experience for both HR and the new hire along with product overview tour on first login.