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    Improve New Hire Productivity - Set Expectations Early

Dec 21 2018

Improve New Hire Productivity - Set Expectations Early

“Organizations with a standard onboarding process experience 54% greater new hire productivity” -Urbanbound

There are millions who are making the switch between jobs every year and with every appointment comes the responsibility of HR to onboard and assimilate them into the organizational culture. Apart from making them comfortable with the organization culture, it’s very important to set their expectations in terms of organizational goals and that can be further cascaded to the department and team goals.

Candidate’s Expectations are an important part of any hiring that is conducted by an organization. It is very important that the recruiters try to meet expectations of both the candidate and the organization in terms of the qualities and skills that are looking for. Managing these expectations and a successful onboarding experience lays the foundation for a fruitful association between the new hire and the organization.

The organization also has a key responsibility in terms of clearing up the roles and responsibilities of the new hire which gives the hire a better idea about what is expected of him and what is the timeline for the various stages of his onboarding.

In terms of onboarding and expectation setting, the organization needs to consider all phases in the cycle of the successful onboarding of a new hire, including the pre-onboarding stage which includes the phase between offer letter acceptance and date of joining.

In our latest white paper titled “Improve New Hire Productivity - Set Expectations Early”, we provide a detailed analysis on the candidate’s expectations, organization’s expectations and how you manage onboarding and expectation setting. We also talk about a structured 30-60-90 Day Onboarding Plan for a new hire.

You can download the latest white paper on the resources section of our website www.myjoining.in.