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    Gamification as a strategy to improve and organization’s onboarding

Sept 09 2018

Gamification as a strategy to improve and organization’s onboarding

Although most companies understanding the importance of an effective and streamlined onboarding process, they still follow traditional onboarding process, which does not necessarily strike a chord with millennials. It is noteworthy that millennials form a large segment of work places across all demographics and geographies. Contemporary onboarding practices like having the new hire go through long and detailed paperwork and bombarding them with company policies can have a detrimental effect on their onboarding experience.

That gives birth to the question, why is a more accommodating and engaging onboarding process necessary? Here is why:

  1. 20% of the employee turnover happens in first 45 days.
  2. 69% of employees are more likely to stay with the company for 3 years if they experience great onboarding.
  3. Turnover costs are estimated to be 100% - 300% more than the base salary of exiting employee.

An onboarding technique that has often been used and proven to be fundamental in creating a satisfying experience for new hires is Gamification.

Gamification essentially consists of tradition video game concepts being used to incentivize an employee’s onboarding experience. It has become of increasing relevance because of the dominance of the millennial population in the workforce, who are known to be more productive in their respective roles when they are having fun. They also have short attention spans and often get impatient quicker than their predecessors.

A consolidated gamification strategy is required to implement this methodology in the proper way. This requires clarity of the following question:

  1. Why is the organization adopting gamification for their employee onboarding process?
  2. How are they going to implement gamification in onboarding?
  3. How are they going to monitor results and improvise on current-standing practices?

Let’s answer these questions one-by-one


  1. Employer Branding: Your new hires have made a positive impression on you in the interview, and now it’s your turn. Making a positive impact on your new hire can enhance their productivity, help you increase employee retention and integrate them into the organization quickly.
  2. Effective Feedback Mechanism: Both the new hire and the HR Department of an organization can attain useful information about a new hire’s progress. They can get real time data and analyse key metrics through gamification to keep track of milestones.
  3. Employee Engagement: Engage your new hire through gamification techniques like Level Up, Milestones, Rewards and Leader boards to help them track their own progress and get the most out of their existing skill set.
  4. Increased Coordination: Gamification increases the coordination amongst teams and structures can be created to help them gel together. Quizzes and other interactive games can be created to enhance an employee’s onboarding experience.


  1. Level Up: Irrespective of a new hire’s role, you can create levels and designate tasks that need to be completed for them to be able to level up. This incentivizes the employee to work harder and to increase their level while also keeping them motivated.
  2. Milestone: These are long-term goals that need to be reached by an employee to enhance their skill set and can also include abstract milestones like days spent at an organization. Badges are handed out after reaching every milestone and these can be customized according to the department and even individual.
  3. Rewards: It is not always appropriate to provide new hire with financial incentives during their initial stages at the organization. However, it is important to make an employee feel appreciated for the work they are doing. Virtual rewards and badges can be provided to the new hire to enhance their onboarding experience.
  4. Leaderboards: Leaderboards may not necessarily work in terms of a concrete number like sales numbers. You can motivate employees through Leaderboards for loyalty, attendance, etc. It inculcates a sense of healthy competition amongst the employees that enables them to perform better.


You can implement all sort of gamification techniques but it is impossible to monitor and track results manually. To be able to track the progress of the new hire in real-time proves to be very effective and also reduces the workload of the HR Department. An effective and automated onboarding tool goes a long way in helping the organization implement gamification.

MyJoining is a pre-onboarding and onboarding tool that has the flexibility and robustness to implement an organization’s structure and practices. It helps you define and achieve all goals of employee onboarding and engages your new hire to ensure a more motivated and productive millennial work force.

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