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    4 Major Benefits of Pre-Onboarding

Mar 04 2018

4 Major Benefits of Pre-Onboarding

People are the lifeline of any business and great businesses understand and nurture this lifeline. If the people are excited, motivated and connected with the people, values and culture, they go extra mile to make the organization successful. And, what better time to start this journey than just after they have accepted the offer. During the Interview stage, they have impressed you and now it is your turn to make the right first impression.

1. Eliminates first day anxieties

First day at new job is often tense as there is so much uncertainty, unfamiliar environment and have a lot of questions. If they know the people before joining in, have a buddy to go to, have their initial questions answered, you help reduce their anxieties and demonstrate being thoughtful about their first experiences.

2. Higher Employee Retention

A study found that a significant portion of employee turnover— 22%—occurs during the first 45 days on the job. People enter a new environment, feel uncomfortable and unwelcome, and promptly choose to leave. Pre-Onboarding sets the stage for that experience. Empowering new hires with information makes them much less likely to second guess their decision to join your company.

3. Improved New Hire Productivity

Pre-Onboarding can give new hires an early lift in becoming integrated with the new culture during their “notice period”. The goal is to reduce the time that it takes for a new hire to become effective on the job.

4. Reduce the administrative cost of onboarding

Any new journey is exciting for most of the people but in your corporate journey, much of the first day is spent filling out paperwork’s and joining formalities.